Velosport Feather Weight Sport Visor - Grape Mist

$ 18


Like it’s big sister the VELO®, the VELOSPORT® was conceived with the ultra-minimalist in mind, but unlike the VELO this this packable pro is designed for sport. High speed, low drag. The lightweight, uncrushable VELOSPORT visor will easily tuck away in your fanny pack, running belt or just tuck it into the back of your shorts. Made from ultra-soft EVA foam and beautifully covered with UPF +30, anti-microbial, micro-tek performance polyester, the VELOSPORT is guaranteed to protect you from the elements and focused on the winning.  The 3 inch brim won’t slow you down and the premium adjustable strap will, keep it secure into the strongest headwinds.  The VELOSPORT® comes in a wide variety of winning colors and patterns. 

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